The Advantages and Necessity of Improving Patient Access to Healthcare

Many human rights organizations are focused on Improving Patient Access to Healthcare. The process of making sure everybody has access to healthcare is important because lots of people die yearly because they can’t access proper healthcare or because they can’t afford it. Improving patient access to healthcare means that hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations should be accessible to everyone and that these organizations should be of good quality and high standard. The ideal healthcare organization in an ideal society should meet the following standards

Improving Patient Access to Healthcare Through Universal Access

Improving Patient Access to Healthcare

Improving Patient Access to Healthcare means that access to healthcare has to be universal. This means it should be both affordable, and physically accessible to everyone. I mean what’s the point of cheap healthcare it’s miles away and patients can’t get to it easily when needed?


There needs to be sufficient healthcare facilities, infrastructure, and manpower to be able to provide health services to an entire population. There should be sufficient availability in each geographical location so the above point (universal access) is possible.


Improving Patient Access to Healthcare

Healthcare institutions and healthcare personnel must provide care in an acceptable standard that does not rib patients of their dignity or basic rights. Healthcare personnel should obey and respect medical ethics and rules and provide responsive care that takes into account the age, gender language, or culture of patients.


Healthcare provided has to be of good quality and meet the standards set by independent and governmental governing bodies. Care should be provided in a timely, safe, and patient-centered fashion.

The Advantages of Improving
Patient Access to Healthcare

Improving Patient Access to Healthcare

Equal Access to Healthcare

It will be great to live in a world where people and children don’t have to die because they do not have access to healthcare. Improved patient access to care means that more and more patients would have access to healthcare as it will be evenly distributed. A healthcare system that has equal access provided basic services to all citizens and does not discriminate against anyone for any reason. So, for example, unemployed people can still have access to healthcare even if they don’t have an employer to provide coverage. There are many advantages and of universal healthcare but increased access has to be one of the most important.

Improved Public Health

One major advantage of Improving Patient Access to Healthcare is that in doing so, it will also improve public health. The general health of the entire population will be improved because increased access means increased cost sharing. It also means there will be less illness and epidemic occurrences. When Everyone is relatively healthy and well-taken care off, there will be less to zero public health scares and breakouts. When patients notice an illness or a basic condition, they have the courage to go to a hospital to seek treatment. This means that serious health conditions have the likelihood of being caught early and then prevented from getting worse. This can help reduce the spread of infectious diseases and other common health problems that people may ignore if they can’t afford healthcare.

Less Complicated Paperwork

Improving Patient Access to Healthcare

Improving Patient Access to Healthcare means that there will be universal care and this means there will be fewer complications when it comes to paperwork. In other systems, doctors have to figure out so many rules of different providers and fill out so much paperwork it reduces physician engagement and patient engagement times. With universal care, everyone will be under one system and there won’t be hassled about figuring out insurance systems or care provider rules. We all know that increase patient engagement leads to better healthcare being provided and leads to a more wholesome healthcare experience.

Increased Economic Growth through Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship

Yes, when the healthcare system of a society is good, there starts to be positive ripple effects in other parts of society and its economy. One of that is an increase in entrepreneurship and a more innovative culture. The availability of universal healthcare will encourage more people to start out on their own and open small businesses or go into entrepreneurial endeavors. Many people fear to do this because they don’t want to lose their health insurance provided by their employer. But with universal care, this fear is diminished and more people venture out on their own.

In addition, businesses can be more profitable because they don’t have to carry to burden of the cost of providing healthcare coverage to their employees. It is a significant cost and in many cases affects the company’s bottom-line. With universal care, companies can deliver those funds to other parts of the business that would make it more profitable which leads to a bigger and better economy altogether. An additional point is that improved patient access to healthcare will help boost the economy in the sense that patients would be healthier and less likely to fall sick to extreme illnesses that would keep them out of work. This means increased manpower productivity which leads to an increase in economic productivity.

Human Rights

Improving Patient Access to Healthcare Many people argue that the issue of universal healthcare for all is a human rights issue. They argue that regardless of the advantages mentioned above, healthcare should be provided to all universally. The United Nations Declaration made on Dec.10, 1948, stated that “everyone has the right to a standard of living proper for the health and well-being of the individual and his family, which includes medical care.”